Upholstery & Interior Trim


Our upholstery department handles everything from minor tears and cigarette burns to full blown interior restoration. This includes sagging headliners, broken seat supports and reconstruction of foam seating to cracked leather seats, sun damaged dash boards and damaged convertible tops.

We can match materials exactly to your cars’ interior or in cases where it is impossible to find the exact leather color and grain using our vast connections, we can have a duplicate made exactly to the look and feel of your vehicles original interior décor.

We have handled some of the toughest interior restorations on some of the rarest cars from the Lamborghini LM002 Truck with only 260 made worldwide to American Muscle cars we’ve delivered and accommodated the most demanding customer specifications.

Custom Interior Design

Custom interior design is just that – it’s unique and specified to each customer’s personal design preferences, style and tastes. With a wide array of design choices, car owners can truly step in and lend that personal touch to make a vehicle their very own work of art.

A well-crafted interior can bring to life a whole new perspective to a drivers’ vehicle ownership experience and at Auto Design we specialize in providing hand-crafted design solutions that have a bespoke luxury look and feel, with full capability and functionality. From perforated leathers and suede liners to leather piping and use of fabrics only found in high-end fashion such as English/Italian leathers, Exotic skins and those normally not equated to the automotive industry, everything is at our clients fingertips.

Old-World craftsmanship is one of things that is probably most lacking in the industry these days and as everything tends to be very cookie cutter, true car historians and enthusiasts especially those who have grown to a more refined part of their lives will truly be able to appreciate what we can replicate or create for them.

The craftsmanship we offer is very rare as there are many processes that occur and in most cases are left undone or skimmed over by many other shops to simply land a job. Rest assured at Auto Designs you will experience old-world craftsmanship mixed with modern technology to assure the highest quality. To give you an idea of how highly our work is regarded, Auto Design has been commissioned by many major car dealerships and manufacturers to perform custom fabrications for high profile vehicles that had specific requests that were not offered.